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Doing Research as an Undergrad

One of the significant advantages of attending a research-intensive university is that students can choose to work closely with faculty members on research projects. These projects may be initiated by the student or may contribute to research the faculty members is already undertaking.

Many IAS students take advantage of this opportunity to work closely with a faculty member in their field of expertise. These opportunities can satisfy degree requirements, advance students' their intellectual and professional interests, and be funded through a variety of UW resources.

Undergraduate research can be particularly important for students considering graduate work in either academic or professional fields. For more information about funding support for undergraduate research, please visit the Teaching & Learning Center (TLC).

photo of Liam McGivern "In my view, the experience of researching, writing, and submitting my paper for the Library Research Award illustrates the exceptional nature of an education at University of Washington Bothell. The small size of the campus allows us to work closely with professors, librarians, and staff. The vast resources and prestige of the University of Washington allows us to perform in-depth research that can earn acclaim from one of the nation's top schools. I encourage all Bothell students to take advantage of both of these aspects of an education at UW Bothell. My experiences have been truly rewarding."

Liam McGivern
Global Studies, 2009
Library Research Award Winner


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Receive funding for conference travel

The Undergraduate Research Conference Travel Award provides funding toward national conference travel expenses and registration fees. Eligibility and application information can be found on the UW Undergraduate Research Program website.

Recent Research Topics

  • Teen pregnancy in the United States
  • Preventing Dropout among Latino Youth
  • Development of greenhouse gas emissions profile for Snohomish County
  • Justice Denied: Impunity during and after the Salvadoran Civil War
  • The energetic costs of shell repair and shell growth: an authentic research experience
  • SHB 1444 and Bullying: From Awareness and Remediation to Prevention and Advocacy
  • U.S. Foreign Policy and North Korea: The linkage of human rights, transparency of food distribution and nuclear disarmament
  • A Social Jungle: An examination of meanness and emotional manipulation in the behavioral world of pre-adolescent and adolescent girls
  • The Loosening of American Morals: Censorship and Hollywood film from 1900 to the present
  • Miss Navajo USA:  Beauty that is Skill Deep
  • Women in contemporary Japanese Politics
  • Ethanol from Corn: A critical assessment
  • America Regulating the trade in blood diamonds
  • Assessment of Beaver Impacts on North Creek
  • Wikipedia and Postmodern Knowledge
  • Mail Art: Aesthetics, Gender, and the Postal System
  • Algebraic Aspects of Cryptography