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Category: Research and Creative Practice

Jennifer Atkinson and Warren Gold receive Husky Green Awards

IAS faculty member Jennifer Atkinson and retired faculty member Warren Gold have received 2022 Husky Green Awards. The Husky Green Awards recognize individuals and groups across all University of Washington campuses who lead the way for sustainability at the University of Washington. This is the 13th year ...

April 26, 2022

Ching-In Chen has been commissioned as Writing the Land poet

IAS faculty member Ching-In Chen has been commissioned as a Writing the Land poet to write poems about Misery Point Preserve for the Great Peninsula Conservancy in Kitsap County. Writing the Land partners with various nonprofit and environmental organizations to ...

April 25, 2022

From Zine to Online Gallery: Growing and Reflecting in the Open

May 19, 2022, IAS faculty member Deborah Hathaway, along with UW Bothell librarians Denise Hattwig and Chelsea Nesvig, presented “From Zine to Online Gallery: Growing and Reflecting in the Open” at the University of Washington Teaching & Learning Symposium. Their presentation focused on...

April 21, 2022

Amoshaun Toft: Telling the same old story at Third and Pine

IAS faculty member Amoshaun Toft is interviewed in "Telling the same old story at Third and Pine," a current analysis of homelessness discourse published by Real Change News. The article argues that that Toft’s previous research on homelessness discourse from 2008, along with a subsequent journal article from 2014, provides a useful framework for understanding the current framing of homeless sweeps in Seattle.

April 18, 2022

Naomi Macalalad Bragin brings Waacking/Punking dance research to Paris

April 9 and 11, IAS faculty member Naomi Macalalad Bragin moderated a roundtable and gave a research talk on Waacking/Punking, a dance that derives from the first gay clubs of Los Angeles, California, during the Disco and Funk music era of the early 1970s. Her groundbreaking work highlights ...

April 12, 2022

Masahiro Sugano’s short film addressing anti-Asian violence awarded first place at The Artists Forum Juried Competition in New York City

In May 2021, IAS faculty member Masahiro Sugano and his media lab Studio Revolt responded to a rise in anti-Asian violence with a short film titled “Listen Asshole” based on a poem by the spoken word duo Yellow Rage. The poem, originally written 20 years ago by Michelle Myers and Catzie Vilayphonh, sought to defy stereotypes that many people perpetuate about Asian Americans and ...

April 12, 2022