Congratulations to Our Distinguished IAS Faculty & Students!

The end of the academic year is a vibrant time of celebration and reflection throughout the UW. The School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences had the great pleasure of contributing to the energy of the season at our Graduating Student Send Off event.  The event brought together IAS students, faculty, staff, alumni and families to celebrate the accomplishments of our community.  

In addition to highlighting members of our graduating class, the night also served as an opportunity to acknowledge and honor distinguished awardees from the IAS community. From the Chancellor’s Medal to Distinguished Teaching Legacy awards, we are thrilled to share space with some of the most talented, committed, and influential members of the UW community.   

Shauna Elbers Carlisle: Distinguished Teaching Legacy Award 

Associate Professor Shauna Elbers Carlisle teaches a range of social policy, research, and statistics courses at the undergraduate and graduate level. With an emphasis on community learning and interactive instruction, Dr. Elbers Carlisle has made a lasting impact on her students over the years. This year, Dr. Elbers Carlisle was selected by the University of Washington Alumni Association to receive the Distinguished Teaching Legacy Award. This award is one of the highest honors that a UW instructor can receive, and the first time that an instructor from the Bothell campus has received the award. 

Shauna Carlisle smiling at the camera

Raissa DeSmet: Distinguished Teaching Award 

Raissa DeSmet is highly respected by students, faculty, and staff across the University of Washington. In her role as Associate Teaching Professor, Dr. DeSmet has been influential in a multitude of programs, courses, and initiatives that advance diversity for the University. One example is her co-leadership of the the Southeast Asian Pasts and Futures program. Dr. DeSmet is known for her exceptional teaching style which centers love and celebration of students’ experiences and identities. 

Raissa Desmit smiling at camera

Yolanda Padilla: Outstanding Undergraduate Research Mentor Award 

In her teaching, Associate Professor Yolanda Padilla is deeply committed to outreach, inclusion, and mentoring. These are principles that she brings into every level of her practice. This year, she was recognized for her impact as a mentor by being selected for the Outstanding Undergraduate Research Mentor Award. She was nominated for this award by a student, who specifically highlighted Dr. Padilla’s motivating spirit, infectious enthusiasm, and ongoing support. 

Jin-Kyu Jung: Outstanding Community-Engaged Scholar Award  

Professor Jin-Kyu Jung is a community-minded scholar who is committed to optimizing the presence and participation of those most likely to be absent or silenced in critical space. With his expertise in data visualization, he brings a remarkable skillset in using data to highlight and address social inequities.  He has a particular interest in teaching community-based learning and research. The 2024 Outstanding Community-Engaged Scholar Award recognizes Dr. Jung’s dedication to community, reciprocity, and mutual respect. 

Puneet Birk: Chancellor’s Medal 

Puneet has graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Law, Economics and Public Policy. She received the incredible honor of being selected for the 2024 Chancellor’s Medal award. This award is given out once per year to a graduating student. Puneet has been a source of inspiration for many during her time at UW Bothell. This award recognizes her contributions and impact on students and faculty alike. 

Puneet Birk smiles in her graduation gown

Phoenix Kai Vaughan-Ende: Husky 100  

Phoenix is a graduate of the MFA in Creative Writing and Poetics program. This year, they were selected for 2024 Husky 100, a special distinction which honors 100 students across the Seattle, Tacoma, and Bothell campuses for their contributions to their community. Phoenix was one of 6 students from UW Bothell to earn this distinction. They describe themselves as a multimedia artist and poet writing on a mission to change the world. Their work exists at the the intersections between humanities, identity, quantum physics, mathematics and language. 

Phoenix jumps mid-air in a cool pose

Itzel Vixtha: Mary Gates Leadership Scholarship and Chancellor’s Student Civic Leadership Award 

Itzel is the recipient of two great accolades this year. The first is the Mary Gates Leadership Scholarship, which aims to encourage undergraduate students to develop their leadership abilities through practical experience, personal reflection and in community with mentors and peers. She is also the recipient of the Chancellor’s Student Civic Leadership award, which recognizes students who are addressing critical issues on their campuses and in their communities through civic engagement and social entrepreneurship. Itzel graduates with a Bachelor of Arts in Media & Communications Studies. 

Itzel poses in front of their presentation at Spring Fest

Andi Kresl: Climate Fiction Writing Award Winner 

Andi Kresl is a talented and passionate writer. He has been selected to receive the Climate Fiction Writing Award by the UW Bothell and Cascadia College Library. The award seeks to highlight community-centric fiction that centers environmental and social justice from a visionary perspective. His thoughtful approach to writing has earned him this special recognition by members of the UW Bothell community. Andi graduates with a Bachelor of Arts in Culture, Literature & the Arts. 

Henry Strayer: Climate Fiction Writing Award Winner 

Henry has graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Culture, Literature & the Arts. As a member of the Clamor editorial team and a student staff member in the Writing & Communication Center, Henry has contributed much to the IAS and UWB community. This year, he received the special honor of winning the Climate Fiction Writing Award from the UW Bothell and Cascadia College Library. Henry was selected by members of the UW Bothell community for his writing submission “A Remembrance of our Return,” a piece which honors traditional knowledge and practice of the Coast Salish people, whose land UW Bothell is located on. 

Henry smiles at the camera

Rileigh Thompson: IAS Distinguished Achievement in Community Stewardship  

Rileigh was nominated by IAS faculty member Ursula Valdez. She has been recognized for her dedication to academic excellence, teamwork, high initiative and leadership skills. Rileigh has demonstrated a visible commitment to the well-being of others in her community. Rileigh graduates from IAS with a Bachelor of Science in Conservation & Restoration Science.  

Rileigh smiles at camera

William Porritt: IAS Distinguished Achievement in Academics 

William was nominated by IAS faculty member Eric Stewart. He has been recognized for going above and beyond in his Psychology courses, earning 100% in several of them while also being a boundless source of support and encouragement for his classmates. His enthusiasm, ability to deeply analyze and question issues, and interdisciplinary approach to classwork has been inspiring to students and faculty alike. William graduates with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology.  

Levi Gutiérrez: IAS Distinguished Achievement in Academics 

Levi was nominated by IAS faculty member Yolanda Padilla. They have been recognized for being a savvy and articulate student, bringing nuance and depth to their coursework and engagement in classes. Levi has gone above and beyond in their ability to research, advocate for social justice, and collaborate with their peers, as both a student and grader in IAS courses. Levi graduates with a Bachelor of Arts in Educational Studies and an IAS minor in Gender, Women, & Sexuality Studies.  

Levi poses with an art piece

Roland Schoeneman: IAS Distinguished Achievement in Research and Scholarship 

Roland was nominated by IAS faculty member Melanie Malone. He has been recognized for his leadership, maturity, compassion, and advocacy for indigenous communities. Roland is thoughtful and thorough in his work, combining insights from the physical sciences, social sciences, and his personal experiences as a construction worker to support and improve the research process for projects he’s been a part of. Roland graduates with a Bachelor of Science in Earth System Science.  

Nicolette Natividad: IAS Distinguished Achievement in Creative Expression 

Nicolette was nominated by IAS faculty members Carrie Bodle and Peter Brooks. They have been recognized for their unwavering commitment to the Arts and Student Media at UWB. In class, Nicolette is always willing to experiment creatively, often pushing themselves outside of their comfort zone, and is a person other students look up to. Outside of class, they served as the Station Manager for UWave radio, a DJ at a variety of campus events, campus open mic organizer and host, and participated in various other activities to unite the UWB community through creative works. Nicolette graduates with a Bachelor of Arts in Media & Communication Studies.  

Nicolette smiles at the camera

Ezra Bantum: IAS Distinguished Achievement in Creative Expression 

Ezra was nominated by IAS faculty member Samuel Yum. He has been recognized for his artistic vision and sensibilities, particularly in the BISMCS 472: Advanced Media Workshop course. Ezra has a signature aesthetic reflecting his identity as a student and artist. Ezra’s style is intentional, provocative, and visually arresting, all while embracing the technical demands of media production. He graduates with a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Arts.  

Mason Solis: IAS Distinguished Achievement in Creative Expression 

Mason was nominated by IAS faculty member Peter Brooks. He has been recognized for his contributions to the UWB community as a station engineer for UWave radio. Through this role, Mason has contributed much to the campus community, serving as a DJ, hosting campus wide events, and creating educational opportunities for their peers in collaboration with local radio stations KUOW, KEXP, and C895. Mason graduates with a Bachelor of Arts in Media & Communication Studies. 

This year, the School of IAS recognized distinguished students across multiple disciplines who have done remarkable work within and outside of the UW Bothell community. IAS faculty were invited to nominate students who fit this criteria, and the selected winners were announced at the first ever IAS Graduating Student Send Off Event earlier in June.