Lauren Berliner co-edits and publishes in Journal of Cinema and Media Studies

Lauren Berliner recently co-edited and published an essay in the special issue of Journal of Cinema and Media Studies, entitled “Absence and Afterlives: Unwatched, Undistributed, Lost, and Inaccessible Media.” The issue includes articles by leading scholars in the field, including Kelli Moore, Diana Flores Ruīz, Elizabeth Patton, Xin Peng, and Jaimie Baron (co-editor) whose essays address topics such as African American home movies, Chinese newsreels, US/Mexico border militia websites, copyright ownership blockades on feature films, and art about domestic violence. Berliner’s essay “…Like No One Is Watching: Taking Digital Obscura Seriously” shines a light on how identifying online videos that not been watched or circulated can help us to better recognize underrepresented identities, themes and media production practices. She argues that paying attention to these videos can illuminate the work of algorithms and enable us to design appropriate strategies for resisting corporate media power.