Dr. Shayne’s students publish Badass Womxn and Enbies in the Pacific Northwest Volume 3

Students in Dr. Julie Shayne’s “Rad Womxn in the Global South” (BIS 227) class published volume three of the open access zine called Badass Womxn and Enbies in the Pacific Northwest. You can see and share the zine by clicking here. This year’s students called themselves the Rebel Ink Collective. The class works collectively, in smaller groups, to build the zine. Dr. Shayne and a peer facilitator, this year Bri Fero, oversee all the groups and make sure everything stays on track. One team is responsible for making a video about the project which you can view here.

This year’s zine includes 36 Badasses from the PNW, some living, some passed on. They include athletes, educators, politicians, scientists, doctors, land advocates, artists, and more. They hail from Indigenous and Latinx communities, and the Asian and African diasporas; they are Black, and Brown; they are US and foreign born; they are young and older, queer and straight, cis gender, and non-binary. Some you have heard of like IAS’s and FYPP’s own Dr. Yolanda Padilla and some you should have heard of like Elizabeth Peratrovich. Each Badass is illustrated by one of the three artists. The artists solicited ideas from the student authors and then turned the ideas into images that represented the Badass. You can see one section image here. Just like the first two years, it was a truly collaborative project.

The project started the first time Shayne taught the class in 2019 and Digital Scholarship Librarian Denise Hattwig and GWSS librarian Penelope Wood co-created the assignment. Shayne, Hattwig, and Wood went on to win a Connected Learning Excellence Award for the assignment. You can see the first two editions, the video from the first edition, and open access work from Shayne’s other classes on this Feminist Digital Center that she co-created with Denise Hattwig, and GWSS alum Tessa Denton.

Students leave the class with at least their own publication and then an additional hard skill to list on their resume, depending on the individual group they participated in. Dr. Shayne teaches this class every year, typically in the spring. Keep your eye out next year!