The Question of Palestine

In an open examination of the ongoing conflict in Gaza, IAS faculty, Karam Dana and Maryam Griffin, moderated by Dan Berger, IAS Associate Dean for Faculty Development and Scholarship, guided The IAS Teach-In: Question of Palestine: Interdisciplinary Considerations, on November 29th, 2023, International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. The teach-in offered a nuanced exploration into the historical and political aspects surrounding the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

The IAS Teach-In brought together impassioned minds and expert voices to shed light on the multifaceted questions at hand. The IAS Teach-In: The Question of Palestine not only provided a platform for education but also ignited a spark for ongoing conversations and activism in pursuit of a just resolution.

For students who are interested in delving deeper into the question of Palestine, please view our 2-credit course offering for Winter 2024, BIS 293 The Question of Palestine: Interdisciplinary Considerations