Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies has a major presence at the Student Academic Showcase!

Friday June 2 was UWB’s inaugural Student Academic Showcase, led in part by Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies (GWSS) faculty co-coordinator Dr. Alka Kurian. In addition to Dr. Kurian’s leadership in the Showcase, six GWSS students presented, as well as two pre-major students who shared research they did in in BCORE GWSS classes. All students shared work they did in Dr. Julie Shayne’s classes: Lo Radclyffe, “Queer Coded Language;” Levi Gutierrez & Jessica Phounsanoy co-presented “Queer Euphoria through Art and Photography;” Samantha A., “The Trans Experience We Don’t Talk About: Joy;” John Emerton “Badass Womxn and Enbies in the PNW;” and Tessa Denton, “The Feminist Digital Center: Open Access Student-Based Research and Writing Collaborations at the UW Bothell.” 

The first three presentations were about digital archive exhibits students made in “Histories and Movements of Gender & Sexuality” (BISGWS 302), the fourth about the zine made in “Badass Womxn in the Global South” (BIS227), and the final presentation about the new webpage that hosts these and other digital feminist projects that Dr. Shayne’s students have been working on in her classes since 2015. If you are interested in learning more about Dr. Shayne’s classes or these projects, contact her at