Jennifer Atkinson published in new anthology on Solastalgia

Faculty member Jennifer Atkinson’s essay “How to Love a Burning World” was published in Solastalgia: An Anthology of Emotion in a Disappearing World (University of Virginia Press). As editor Paul Bogard wrote in a press release for the new book:

“As climate change and other environmental degradations become more evident, experts predict that an increasing number of people will suffer emotional and psychological distress as a result. Many are feeling these effects already. In the pages of Solastalgia, they will find a source of companionship, inspiration, and advice.

The concept of solastalgia comes from the Australian philosopher Glenn Albrecht, who describes it as ‘the homesickness we feel while still at home.’ It’s the pain and longing we feel as we realize the world immediately around us is changing, with our love for that world serving as a catalyst for action on its behalf.

This powerful anthology brings together thirty-four writers—educators, journalists, poets, and scientists—to share their emotions in the face of environmental crisis. They share their solastalgia, their beloved places, their vulnerability, their stories, their vision of what we can create.”