IAS Faculty Jin-Kyu Jung and graduate students contribute to Lynnwood City’s development

Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences (IAS) faculty, Jin-Kyu Jung, and nine Master of Arts in Public Policy (MAPS) students have come together to assist the local City of Lynnwood’s initiatives to become a more welcoming and inclusive city.

Through the Practicum in Policy Studies (BPOLST 513), Jin-Kyu and the graduate students focused on developing an understanding of the community member’s concerns by analyzing equity surveys and organizing an event titled the “world café”. The “world café” allowed an open space for a diverse group of Lynnwood community members to share their experiences and concerns. Significant issues that surfaced were related to housing insecurity, lack of language & technology learning resources, and a disconnect with their African community.    

Through their creative and collective efforts in applying a community-based approach, Jin-Kyu and Public Policy students have demonstrated the power of compassion and unity in creating positive progress in their local communities.

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