Ferrare receives grant from Spencer Foundation

Joe Ferrare, associate professor in IAS, has received a $25,000 grant from the Spencer Foundation. The project, “Advancing Critical Social Network Analysis to Address Issues of Equity in Education Policy and Politics,” involves a number of collaborations that collectively aim to advance the use of social network methods that illuminate inequities related to race, class, and other power relations in ways that address concrete concerns of education stakeholders.

The work developed through these collaborations will involve: (1) Testing a rapid response approach to emerging policy issues concerning issues of equity in education; (2) defining and testing new models of network brokerage applicable to information-rich environments; and (3) mapping networks of coalitions interacting around a policy issue and testing predictive approaches for when policy windows might open.

The grant was co-authored with Emily Hodge and Huriya Jabbar and involves numerous other collaborators across the United States and UK.