Santiago Lopez and the EERC receive recognition at Mountains to Sound Greenway Annual Ceremony

IAS faculty member Santiago Lopez, community member Susan Carlson, WA Sate Ranger Daryl Kline, and arquitects John Kennedy and Nicole Lew were recognized at the annual ceremony of the Mountains to Sound Greenway for their work and contribution to environmental education and stewarship of Pacific Northwest ecosystems through their work at UWB's Environmental Education and Research Center at Saint Edward State Park.

Greenway Director Emeritus and former U.S. Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell was the keynote speaker and reflected on her journey in the Greenway. She reminded us just how important it is to recognize and protect the precious resources we have, and how much can be accomplished through the power of trust and relationships. The video of the ceremony can be found here.

a picture of five individuals on stage in front of map. Santiago Lopez is in the middle with a girl in a red shirt and another girl with a long cardigan on the left and two men in suits on the right