Dr. Julie Shayne publishes piece about iconic feminist punk rock band Bikini Kill

dr julie shayne publishes piece bikini kill

Dr. Shayne, co-coordinator of Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies, published a piece titled “The Healing Power of Bikini Kill” in Ms. Magazine about Bikini Kill’s recent performance in the Seattle area.

In her piece Shayne explains how the unapologetic anger and passion the band exuded from the stage was validating and therapeutic to the audience. They regularly denounced sexual assault, supported trauma survivors, and purged toxic masculinity with every song they screamed. You can read the article here. The show was especially exciting for Shayne as she teaches about Bikini Kill and the Riot Grrrl movement in several of her classes, most recently “The Power of Feminist Writing”.

Pre-major students interested in learning about the role of gender bending bands and feminist activism should check out her class “Doing Gender Justice” (BCORE 115) in the winter. In that class students will learn about the all teenage girl band The Linda Lindas.