Julie Shayne’s Taking Risks receives positive reviews

taking risks receives positive reviews

Julie Shayne’s new book Taking Risks: Feminist Activism and Research in the Americas is out in paperback and receiving positive reviews. Taking Risks was reviewed by the journal Gender & Society. Reviewer Elizabeth Borland writes: “Editor Julie Shayne makes a strong case that reflections of feminist risk-taking of varying kinds and degrees help us recognize both the challenges and benefits that can result. For this reason, the reflexive volume will be helpful to scholars engaging in feminist research in Latin America and other Southern/non-Western.” She concludes: “The book will be particularly useful to graduate students and others embarking on feminist research projects, for it can help inspire us not to leave our politics aside as we work. The authors’ personal reflections provide the reader with the sorts of details you might hear when you talk with another scholar, but seldom read about in an article or monograph. In this way, the editor and authors have also taken risks to tell these stories; as readers, we benefit from their candor.” Shayne, along with co-author Kristy Leissle, will be presenting on the book at the IAS Research Colloquium on Tuesday, February 3rd at 4:00pm.