Mentorship matters: Bridging opportunity gaps

What you can achieve depends on the opportunities you have access to. That’s why mentorship matters – especially for first-generation students and students of color who are forging new educational and professional pathways in and with their families and communities.  

Strengths-based and identity-conscious mentorship recognizes and builds from the fullness of student’s life experiences, educational goals, and professional aspirations. By sharing their own career stories, opening up their networks, and providing guidance and support, IAS alumni, friends, and mentors help students and recent grads thrive.

Below are some ways that you can become a mentor!  

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Mentor Chats

Graphic reading ask an alumMentor Chats are designed to assist students and recent grads with career exploration, networking, and learning about a range of professional trajectories. Through hosted conversations, Mentor Chats provide opportunities for students to connect with IAS alumni working across diverse roles and sectors. You can support students by sharing your career journey and building mentoring relationships with them. Contact us to join a chat!

Learn about past alumni mentors and their career pathways.

Upcoming chats

Visit the IAS calendar to find upcoming Mentor Chats.

Career Treks

Group of professionals chattingCareer treks offer small groups of students and recent grads an on-site, interactive opportunity to explore career options and pathways.  A panel of professionals share the joys and challenges of navigating their own career paths, and help students and alumni articulate the value of interdisciplinary skills and knowledge in the working world. Treks allow students to make connections that will make a difference in their future careers and lives.

This year, the IAS Advisory Board is hosting a series of virtual career treks, with a focus on career exploration, networking, and mentoring. Drawing on their own backgrounds and experiences, speakers will engage students in discussion of topics such as making career choices attuned to one’s strengths, navigating relations of power and difference in job searches and workplaces, and building social connections and networking. 

Upcoming treks

Visit the IAS calendar to find upcoming Career Treks.

Mentor Moments

still of mentor on YouTube videoMentor Moments is a video series in which IAS alumni and friends share their career stories, navigations, and advice. Mentors discuss topics such as taking risks, following your passion, self-advocacy, imposter syndrome, and authentic networking.

Share your career journey and lessons learned! Email us at:

Watch Mentor Moments

Bothell Husky Landing

Graphic of Bothell Husky LandingBothell Husky Landing is an engagement platform that gives UW Bothell alumni like you the opportunity to become mentors to students or fellow alumni, seek out mentoring for yourself, search for alumni in your fields of interest, stream exclusive content featuring alumni and faculty, and much more!

Activate your account and join the IAS Inner Circle group, a space to connect with IAS alumni, students and friends.