Min Tang on the Geopolitics of 5G Infrastructures


IAS faculty member Min Tang has recently published an article, titled "Huawei Versus the United States? The Geopolitics of Exterritorial Internet Infrastructure?," in the International Journal of Communication.

The article explores the complex political economy behind the controversies around the Chinese telecom company Huawei which have drawn much media attention worldwide in past years. While many relate the U.S. government’s charges against Huawei to the heated trade disputes between the United States and China, Tang posits that the nature of this case is about the intensification of the geopolitics surrounding exterritorial information infrastructure and especially the unfolding battle around global 5G network. Connecting Huawei’s encounters in the United States to the historical struggles in global communication order, Tang also discusses the implications of this case on global Internet governance highlighting the paramount state power and dynamic state-capital relation.

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