Kristin Gustafson moderates “Transformative Teaching of Media and Journalism History”


IAS faculty member Kristin Gustafson moderated a teaching panel, “Transformative Teaching of Media and Journalism History,” at the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication conference held in Toronto in August. The panel featured the five teaching-contest winners for the AEJMC History Division.

Gustafson and the History Division spearheaded a teaching contest and conference panel to feature original and tested transformative teaching ideas and practices used by journalism educators and media historians that address pedagogies of diversity, collaboration, community, and/or justice in their classrooms.

As the division’s teaching standards chair, Gustafson designed the panel to serve three AEJMC History Division goals: (1) help the division grow and diversify by inviting people from other divisions; (2) encourage pedagogies of diversity, collaboration, community, and justice; and (3) support an equal balance of History Division attention to teaching standards, research, and professional freedom and responsibility. The original and tested teaching ideas shared on the panel brought to the foreground the teaching leadership of five scholars, as well as the judges.

Gustafson will continue as with History Division as a teaching standards co-chair with Amber Roessner through August 2020. Together they will coordinate the "Transformative Teaching of Media and Journalism History" second year as contest and conference panel, as well as organize a teaching salon to support public scholarship focused on the importance of historically informed students in journalism and mass communication curriculum.

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