Julie Shayne delivers keynote speech at this year’s convocation ceremony


UW Bothell tradition dictates that the previous year’s winner of the Distinguished Teaching Award delivers the keynote speech at convocation to welcome the incoming students. This year’s speaker was IAS faculty member and Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies (GWSS) coordinator Julie Shayne. The main message of Shayne’s speech (see video below) is for students to follow their passions; take the classes that interest them, choose the majors that excite them, and then work with faculty and staff to figure out how that all translates into careers.

Shayne’s speech was followed by senior and ASUWB president Shugla Kakar which was particularly exciting for both Shayne and Kakar because Shugla took her first class at UW Bothell with Shayne, and then three more, and was the second GWSS student representative. 

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