Chad Bates Launches Community Talk Show


IAS alum Chad Bates ('14, Global Studies) recently launched a live talk show and podcast called And...Discuss!?

Bates hopes to build a community that engages those that loved learning about and discussing serious issues in college, but don’t have a place to do that after graduation. In their 2nd show, IAS faculty member Martha Groom was on our panel, discussing what each of us can do to help the environment. Future guests will include other UW Bothell professors, discussing their research and teaching subjects, UW Bothell alumni, as well as community non-profits and other experts will join in the discussions. 

The show is recorded live at The Edmonds Theater, the first Thursday of each month, at 9pm.

And…Discuss!? can be followed on Twitter @and_discuss and Facebook /anddiscuss.

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