Jin-Kyu Jung coauthors a paper in Sociology of Health & Illness


IAS faculty member Jin-Kyu Jung has published a coauthored article, “Struggling, helping and adapting: Crowdfunding motivations and outcomes during the early US COVID-19 pandemic” in Sociology of Health & Illness. This collaborative paper reveals the needs, hopes or experiences that motivated US pandemic crowdfunding and how these were correlated with campaign success. Using a mixed-methods data analysis of a randomized cluster sample of 919 US GoFundMe campaigns during the first 7 month of the pandemic, it identifies three key crowdfunding motivations that reflect individualistic, agentive responses to the pandemic: struggling, helping and adapting. It also highlights an important role of crowdfunding platforms in mediating and influencing individual and collective responses to crisis, which has important political ramifications for how societies perceive and address health inequities.14679566-1501384698767.png

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