IAS Faculty, Alumni & Community Partners Present at Radio Research Conference in Italy


IAS faculty, alumni and community partners presented two papers on the theme of “Radio as Social Media” at the ECREA Radio Research Conference held at the University of Siena (Italy). The first paper, titled “How we talk to each other: Strategies for sustaining student media,” was presented by Amoshaun Toft and Kristin Gustafson, and was also co-authored by IAS alumn Amani Sawari (Media & Communication Studies and Law, Economics & Public Policy). The paper presented our work with UWave Radio and the Husky Herald, offering lessons learned and models to emulate. The second paper, “The 2013 LPFM Cohort: Organizing the Next Generation of Community Radio Stations in the United States,” was presented by Amoshaun Toft and Sabrina Roach (NYC Media Lab at NYU). The paper is the result of over 7-years of collaboration around media organizing, and offered the “cohort” model as a way to approach decentralized grassroots media organizing projects.