Masahiro Sugano and Anida Yoeu Ali featured in the New York Times


IAS faculty Masahiro Sugano and Anida Yoeu Ali are highlighted in the New York Times for their upcoming November residency at the Shangri La Museum of Islamic Art, Culture and Design.

In the article titled, “A Hawaii Home for Islamic Art Widens Its Scope” Sugano and Ali, through their media lab Studio Revolt, are mentioned as invited “artists charged with exploring Muslim and Hawaiian cultures in new ways.”

In the article, Konrad Ng, the museum’s executive director, is quoted as saying this about Shangri La and its residency program, “[The museum] is to be broader in our reach to the public and to experiment, to really think of the museum as a garage of innovation for ideas...[The residency] is to have an artist or a cultural thinker, dwell in our mission and in our collection, understand its potential and interpret it for us. In a lot of ways, be a moral compass for where this museum ought to be going.”

Sugano and Ali will be the featured residency artists from Nov 6-17, 2019. 

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