Becca Price publishes results of science education program


IAS faculty member Becca Price and colleagues published a paper about the success of the Science Teaching Experience Program: Working in Science Education. Ph.D. scientists who go through the program are very successful at teaching with techniques that we know work especially well and that include everyone in the class in the learning. A key feature of the program is that the participants work closely with a mentor to discuss how well each class meeting went. One participant said that these “debriefs with our mentor were critically important. This is where most of our learning happened.” What’s more, every single participant in the study was using best practices when they taught—even more best practices than top instructors in a national study.

STEP-WISE participates teach courses offered jointly by IAS and the School of STEM: BIS/BBIO 285: Biology Seminar every winter and spring quarter. This winter’s offering will be about Pesticides, genes and butterflies: GMOs in ecosystems and human health. There’s also BBIO 485 for UW Bothell biology majors: Guardians of the organism: How the body defends against microbes.


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