Julie Shayne blogs about Trump inspired trauma


IAS faculty member and Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies Faculty Coordinator Julie Shayne wrote a blog piece for Ms. Magazine about the trauma the Trump campaign caused many feminists. In it she argues that reliving the sexist double standards of the 2016 campaign, watching the misogyny on the campaign trail, and seeing an accused sexual predator get so close to the presidency for a second time, was a psychologically traumatic experience for millions of women in the US; especially survivors of sexual assault. (You can read the piece, titled “79 Million No’s Mean No,” here.) This is not Shayne’s first blog post about Trump. She has also written about him in relation to GWSS, and when the editors of State of Nature posed the question “What is the biggest challenge facing women today?” to a series of GWSS professors, she made the case it was Trump. [Scroll down to get to Shayne’s post.] 

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