Kristin Gustafson publishes tribute to Dr. Hazel-Dicken Garcia


IAS faculty member Kristin Gustafson‘s newest column pays tribute to the mentoring and legacy of her master’s adviser, Dr. Hazel-Dicken Garcia. The piece, “Hazel Dicken-Garcia Continues to Give to Her Students,” is published in Clio: Among the Media. In it, Gustafson reflects on four things: the community Dicken-Garcia created, how Dicken-Garcia shaped Gustafson’s path as a scholar, the meaning of physical things Dicken-Garcia passed on, and the reach of Dicken-Garcia’s financial gift to the Division.  Gustafson publishes the column as part of her Teaching Standards Chair work for the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication’s History Division. As the Division’s Teaching Standards Chair since 2015, Gustafson focuses on pedagogies of diversity, collaboration, community, and justice.