William McKeithen co-edits forum of open-access essays on social reproduction


Project for Interdisciplinary Pedagogy (PIP) fellow William McKeithen has co-edited a forum of open-access essays (all on the shorter side) on social reproduction. The first batch has just been released, focusing on queer theory and SR. Later issues coming out this month will focus on un/paid labor and nature-society relations respectively. He has co-written the introduction, “Beyond binaries and boundaries in ‘social reproduction” as well as an essay, Worms and workers: placing the more-than-human and the biological in social reproduction.”

Will McKeithen is a doctoral candidate in Geography at the University of Washington. He has published manuscripts on the queer ecologies of post-industrial pet-keeping and urban politics. His current work examines embodiment, gender, and health in US incarceration. More of his work can be found