GWSS professors Shayne, Rosenberg, and Kurian present papers at the National Women’s Studies Association conference


IAS faculty members Julie Shayne, Karen Rosenberg, and Alka Kurian attended the National Women's Studies Association conference in Montréal from November 10-13, 2016. Shayne organized a panel titled “Reimagining Settled Spaces: Creativity, Pedagogy, and Activism,” on which Rosenberg and she presented. Rosenberg’s paper was titled “Unsettling Literacy-Based Colonial Logics in the Writing Center,” and Shayne’s “Unsettling the Neutral Archive: Feminist Knowledge Production and University of Washington Bothell’s Social Justice and Diversity Archive (SJDA).” Shayne also presented a paper titled “Decolonizing the Curricular Archives: The Case of Collaborative Activist Scholarship in the Americas” on a different panel. Kurian organized a panel titled “Uprising Textualities”: Mobilizing Knowledges, Stories, and Performances, in South Asian Resistant Art” for which she presented a paper on “Art and Transregional Strategies of Resistance.” Kurian also participated in a roundtable discussion titled “Postcolonial Paradoxes to Decolonized Dreams: South Asian Feminist Studies on the Border” and moderated a panel titled “De-Colonizing South Asian Queer Muslim Politics in an Era of Resistance” on which she presented a paper on “Gender, Home, and Displacement in Sabiha Sumar’s Khamosh Pani.” Finally, Kurian read an excerpt from her novel A Bitter Inheritance at the Open Mic.