Anida Yoeu Ali publishes in ‘Southeast of Now’ Scholarly Journal

journal cover featuring Anida Yoeu Ali's art and a photo of the artist

IAS faculty member Anida Yoeu Ali published "Uncharted Distance: Performing in Between Here and There” in Southeast of Now, a scholarly journal on art and visual culture, published online and in print by NUS Press, National University of Singapore.

Ali’s article is an edited excerpt from a panel presentation held on 27 June 2019 as part of the "Pathways of Performativity in Contemporary Southeast Asian Art" Symposium held at Haus Der Kunst in Munich, Germany. The original presentation was accompanied by slides of images and texts that represented main themes running across her works. Additionally, her photographic print from The Buddhist Bug series was selected as the journal’s cover image.

The journal aims to look and listen closely to the discursive spaces of art in, from, and around the region that is referred to as Southeast Asia, from a historical perspective, and offers a diverse range of perspectives on the contemporary and modern art of Southeast Asia. The journal publishes a mix of peer-reviewed Articles and non-peer-reviewed material, including Roundtables, Responses, Translations, exhibition and book Reviews and archival documents worthy of circulation.

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