Amir Noir Soulkin challenges dominant narratives on perfection


Alum Amir Noir Soulkin (’17, Cultural Studies) published an article, “Let’s change how we define perfect,” on the Rainier Valley Corps’ (RVC) Change-Makers Blog. Soulkin discusses Western ideas of perfection and the limitations they place on marginalized communities.  Calling for a new paradigm, he writes, “When you really think about it, the human being is an incredible feat in biomechanical construction that blends mind, body and spirit. Human beings are constantly evolving. Through the mastery of the mind, human beings discover new knowledges that can propel them to the stars…Isn’t it possible that the default condition of the human is perfect, which is to say, the only way he or she could be?” Read the article.

Soulkin is an RVC Emerging Leaders of Color Fellow, a program that trains leaders of color and places them at grassroots organizations led by communities of color, building the next generation of nonprofit leaders.  As a fellow, Soulkin works at East African Community Services as its Communications and Development Manager. 

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