Jennifer Atkinson shares research on Climate Despair and Eco-Grief at Pacific Science Center


IAS faculty member Jennifer Atkinson shared her research on Climate Despair and Eco-Grief at the Pacific Science Center as part of their Science in the City Series. In her talk, Atkinson discussed the emotional dimensions of our climate crisis and shared strategies for addressing anxiety over environmental loss without retreating in despair. Having taught one of the first college seminars on climate grief in the United States, Atkinson drew on her experience helping students and activists build the resilience to stay engaged in climate solutions over the long run. She also highlighted the plight of frontline communities—particularly poor and historically marginalized groups—who are experiencing the brunt of climate disruption and suffering from significant mental health impacts.

Atkinson's talk was a featured part of the Climate Change // Curiosity Expo at the Pacific Science Center, which investigates climate change's impacts on the ends of the earth.

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