Kristy Leissle's research into the chocolate industry featured and published


IAS faculty member Kristy Leissle appeared in Columns, the University of Washington Alumni Magazine. Columns' Digital Editor and IAS graduate, Quinn Russell Brown, wrote about Leissle's "coming to chocolate studies" as well as her forthcoming book, Cocoa, for Polity Books, in "Traveling the World Like a Cocoa Bean." Leissle also recently appeared on a radio episode for Innovation Hub, "Making a More Versatile Chocolate," which aired on WGBH Boston. After a three-year study of the meaning of the word "artisan" in US craft chocolate marketing, Leissle published "Artisan' as Brand: Adding Value in a Craft Chocolate Community," in Food, Culture & Society. This article followed two previous publications on this research, with Dandelion Chocolate and Confectionery News. Finally, Leissle served as chair for Divine Chocolate's "What is it about women and chocolate?" event in London on March 9.

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