IAS students advocate for the Parent Union at UW Bothell


On March 6, 2017, students from IAS faculty member Charlie CollinsCommunity Organizing class (BIS 483) marched through campus to advocate for the Parent Union, which is currently seeking support for a child care center and other resources on campus. One group of students placed flyers on cars, including a candy incentive to check out the Parent Union.

image of flyer on car

The Parent Union at UW Bothell was established in 2015 in response to the lack of resources available to parents of our campus community. The Parent Union website states: “parents should not be punished and held back from all resources that our institution has to offer because we do double work, we are students and moms.”

students holding protest signs 1

As a community project for Winter quarter 2017, the BIS 483 class voted to partner with the Parent Union to help spread the word about the organization and recruit members. While none of the students in the class is a parent, the class as a collective states:

“Not all students are equal” may be a bold statement to open with, but that’s what it takes to get the message across. The Parent Union at University of Washington Bothell needs support from every student who calls UW Bothell their campus. There is strength in numbers and with everyone’s support, greater things can be accomplished.

BIS 483 students:
Daniel Lee, Alfredo Cisneros, Logan Lind, Brittany Young, Bianca Borjas, Chad Coragiulo, Alyssa Muller, Rosalio Sanchez, Regine Feliciano, Jillian Raben, Jim Magat, Taylor Kopak, Becca McDowell, Sarah Gallagher, Vy Tang, Fhranzes de Luna, Kristy Morgan, & Jigme Tsatultsang

students holding protest signs 2