Amaranth Borsuk and Carrie Bodle Exhibit Collaborative Installation Wave Signs


For the exhibition Giant Steps: Artist Residency on the Moon, IAS faculty members Amaranth Borsuk and Carrie Bodle have created a proposal for a hypothetical artwork to be installed on the moon and a gallery installation that brings the concept of their work to life. In 1946, before satellites existed, The US. Army Signal Corps began exploring the projective possibilities of the moon's mute surface. Project Diana hailed the moon by the name of its Roman goddess, using it as a passive reflector of radio waves to bridge long communication distances on earth by sending a signal 768,000 Kilometers through space and time to return just 2.5 seconds later.

Wave Signs meditates on this historic relationship, creating a relay between these two orbs that exert such force over one another. For the gallery installation Giant Steps, two industrial megaphone-style speakers suspended from the ceiling represent relay stations on the Earth and moon. In reference to the radio waves that will be transmitted when the piece is installed on the lunar landscape, the speakers communicate with one another via a call and response text — a gradually mutating poem that builds a word ladder to the moon. Visitors passing between the speakers hear voices echoing from one to the other, their distorted language and lyric pace controlled by the moon itself.

The exhibition in King Street Station opens Thursday, March 3rd at 6PM, and will be accessible weekends from noon to 6 pm through March 28th. For details visit the Facebook event page and for tickets to the opening, see the Stranger Ticket website,

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