Carrie Bodle artwork selected for Portland and Seattle public projects

Pacific Northwest Hovmoller Plots (2011)

IAS faculty member Carrie Bodle recently had her artwork acquired for the City of Portland Portable Works Public Art Collection. Her work, Northeast Pacific Ocean Hovmoller Plots 2002-2010, was selected by curators Yaelle Amir, Elisheba Johnson, Vanessa Perez-Winder, Susanō Surface, and Jaimes Valdez on the themes of Ecology, Wellness, and Connectivity and will become part of the City of Portland’s collection which consists of over 1,300 artworks that are displayed in a variety of publicly accessible City and County buildings.

Additionally, Bodle was recently selected for the 2021-23 City of Seattle Public Art Roster. Over 400 applications were received from artists around the US and a panel of artists, curators, and administrators selected just over 100 artists to be on the pre-approved roster for public art projects in Seattle. 

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