STEP Forward - training postdocs in science communication


IAS faculty member Becca Price, along with Salwa Al-Noori and Eva Ma from the School of STEM and Kelly Snyder Assistant Vice Chancellor for Government & Community, hosted an event at which postdoctoral scholars shared interactive exhibits about cutting-edge science with business leaders and local legislators. Through a partnership with Pacific Science Center, the postdoctoral scholars have been participating in a program that moves evidence-based teaching practices from the classroom into informal science education settings. Their exhibits included topics ranging from spine function, to using fruit flies in the lab, to designing medicine.

STEP Forward fellows graduating from their training
STEP Forward fellows graduating from their training in science communication at Pacific Science Center.
From left, front row: Amy Stone, Eva Ma, Zin Khaing, Hannah Richards, Ruth Thomas.
Back row: Alexandre Neves, Jodi Downs and baby, Sarah Morgan, Liz Kwan, Will Driscoll, Karla-Luise Herpoldt, Parisa Hosseinzadeh.

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