Drue Nyenhuis focuses career on affecting community change


Drue Nyenhuis ('12) majored in Global Studies and Society, Ethics & Human Behavior and minored in Human Rights and Policy Studies at UW Bothell. These IAS programs have helped guide Drue's career toward one of community engagement and public service. While at UW Bothell, Drue participated in the Washington State Legislative Internship, which switched his career focus from law school to politics and public policy. Drue also participated in the D.C. Human Rights Seminar, which further cemented his love for politics and affecting change in his community. Witnessing real-world applications of the concepts he learned through policy courses stirred a passion to engage on the local level and help drive better outcomes for our community. Drue went on to earn his Master's in Public Administration from Seattle University, where he focused on government relation and housing policy.

Since leaving UW Bothell, Drue has run congressional and state legislative campaigns, managed constituent services for the Seattle Department of Transportation, and currently serves as the correspondence manager for the Seattle Mayor's Office. While working for the Seattle Mayor's Office, Drue has helped roll out a progressive policy agenda, including a nation-leading minimum wage, landmark housing affordability legislation, and data-driven policies to address homelessness. 

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