Min Tang on the Networked Digital Power and Information Geopolitics


IAS faculty member Min Tang  presented at the 2020 International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) Conference. This year's theme was "Reimagining the Digital Future: Building inclusiveness, respect and reciprocity."

 Responding to the rapid and unpredictable developments associated with COVID-19, the IAMCR and local partners at Tampere University in Finland transformed the entire conference to an online event with online sessions and plenaries and online conference papers during July 12-17.

Tang’s video presentation on “The Networked Digital Power: Capital Connections in Global ICT and Geopolitical Implications" (part of the Flow34: A virtual cinema project) examined the integral, interactive and collaborative relations among Russian, U.S. and Chinese Internet industries, and revealed both challenges and possibilities for the drastically evolving and intensifying global geopolitics heightened by the current pandemic.

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