IAS faculty members and students participate in the 2015 Cultural Studies Association conference.


Twelve IAS faculty members and students participated in the 2015 Cultural Studies Association (CSA) conference, engaging in activities ranging from plenary sessions and roundtables to workshops and seminars.  All contributed to the conference theme, “Another University is Possible: Praxis, Activism, and the Promise of Critical Pedagogy.”  Bruce Burgett organized and moderated the opening plenary, “The University in Theory; or, The Future of Fugitive Study.”  He also co-chaired the conference site committee and participated in two sessions: “Putting the University in the Red, or the Art of Not Saying ‘No,’” organized by S. Charusheela, and “Keywords for (Asian) (American) Cultural Studies.”  Charusheela also organized a praxis session, “Take Back the Economy,” along with Master of Arts in Cultural Studies students Chrysta Storm and Mollie Wolf, and IAS undergraduate student Christopher Jones.  Christian Anderson also organized and chaired a praxis session on “Academic Worker Inquiry.”  Master of Arts in Cultural students Dominique Garcia, Alexandra Holien, and Chrysta Storm presented on a panel, “Examining the Fault Lines in Cultural Institutions,” while Janelle Davis, Julie Hurst, and Concetta Leggio presented on a second panel, “Many Stories are Possible: Re-Imagining Representation.”  Finally, Jed Murr participated in a roundtable, “After the University: Abolition and the Aesthetics of Preservation.”  Burgett and Charusheela happily attended their last meeting as members of the CSA executive committee.