micha cárdenas publishes "Monstrous Children of Pregnant Androids" in GLQ


IAS faculty member micha cárdenas published her new article "Monstrous Children of Pregnant Androids" in a new special issue of Gay and Lesbian Quarterly reflecting on the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando. Reading stories of androids in popular media alongside the singer Sia's tribute video to the victims of the shooting, cárdenas claims that "in the wake of the Orlando Pulse massacre, the imperative to imagine, and create, trans and queer Latinx futures has increased. New possibilities for humanity emerge in fictions of pregnant androids and clone sister-mothers that can be read as queer and trans algorithms of kinship." The issue "offers a range of responses to the murders of forty-nine people—and the injuring of many more—that took place in the early morning hours of June 12, 2016, at Pulse, a queer nightclub in Orlando, Florida" (Alley 1) . Jason Alley, editor of the issue, writes, "while acts of violence—everyday and spectacular—have long histories in queer and trans communities (threatening trans and queer people of color with double, triple, quadruple forms of jeopardy), one guiding question for this collection of contributions revolves around what is at stake in responding to and unpacking violent and publicly mediated events after the fact, after the events have faded from public consciousness yet when their aftereffects still haunt many of us" (1).