micha cárdenas speaks on “Shifting Poetics” at Northwestern University


edxie in kevlar tube dressIAS faculty member micha cárdenas spoke on “Shifting Poetics: Trans of Color Movement in Digital Media” at Northwestern University.  After unprecedented visibility for trans women of color in 2014, the number of murders of trans women rose from fifteen in 2014 to twenty-three in 2015. cárdenas elaborated a trans of color poetics that can improve the chances of life for transgender women of color, who continue to be the number one target of murder among LGBTQ people in the US. cárdenas discussed her practice-based research projects, including Local Autonomy Networks (Autonets), Redshift and Portalmetal and UNSTOPPABLE, as well as media made by other artists including Zach Blas, Mattie Brice, and Nao Bustamante.  Through these examples, cárdenas demonstrated the operations of the shift and the stitch as the basis for a trans of color poetics that offers alternatives to binaries of visibility/invisibility and transparency/opacity.  cárdenas was also recently interviewed in Seattle by a community-based radio show, Lulunation, on Hollow Earth Radio.

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