Becca Price: Chronicling SABER's efforts to become antiracist


A new publication by a team of people led by Miriam Segura-Totten (University of North Georgia) and Samiksha Raut (The University of Alabama at Birmingham) and including IAS faculty member Becca Price, describes how the Society for the Advancement of Biology Education Research (SABER) has challenged itself to become antiracist.

SABER is a scientific society, and societies have a role in making colleges and universities both equitable and just—but in the past, scientific societies instead excluded marginalized groups from participating in science. SABER itself is a relatively new society, having been founded in 2010; despite its young age, and despite the diversity of scholars involved in education research, the society used to be largely white, with primarily white-presenting leadership. This paper chronicles the way the SABER has changed to center the voices of people who have been marginalized in science more generally, but also in the society.

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