Anida Yoeu Ali exhibits and speaks at the National Art Gallery Malaysia

The Red Chador

IAS faculty member Anida Yoeu Ali’s artwork is exhibited in the inaugural Kuala Lumpur Biennale currently on view at the National Art Gallery until March 30, 2018. Featuring a celebrated line-up of artists from Southeast Asia, China, South Korea, Japan and India, the KL Biennale is anticipated by Malaysians and visitors as a highlight on the city’s cultural calendar. The biennale is poised to attract more than 250,000 visitors over the five month period with public programs that include outreach to local schools and community centers. At the event’s opening celebration held on November 23, 2017, Ali performed live as The Red Chador to an audience of thousands including the biennale’s guest of honor, Mr. Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz, Malaysia’s Minister of Tourism and Culture.

Ali also gave an artist talk on November 24th titled “Trigger Warnings: Performing in Times of War and Peace” at the National Art Gallery. She shared the forum with Malaysian based artist Bibi Chew. Her work “Untitled 99 (The Red Chador series)” is featured as a large size photographic mural covering an entire wall in the Biennale. The original performance and photograph took place in Seattle at King Street Station. The Red Chador series continues Ali’s thematic interest in using religious aesthetics to provoke ideas of otherness.