Julie Shayne, Dave Ellenwood, and Denise Hattwig Launch the UW Bothell Social Justice & Diversity Archive


IAS faculty member Julie Shayne, in collaboration with librarians Dave Ellenwood and Denise Hattwig have launched the UW Bothell Social Justice & Diversity Archive hosted by the UWB Library. The archive began with students in Shayne’s "Histories and Movements of Gender and Sexuality" course (Spring 2015), researching local gender justice and feminist organizations. Students worked in groups and conducted interviews with founders and participants of the organizations, attended their events, and collected documents and media related to the organizations’ activities and social justice efforts. The results of this research are in the UW Bothell Social Justice & Diversity Archive. Shayne is teaching the course again winter quarter where students will research new organizations and engage with the Archive to produce new knowledge to add to the collection . If faculty are interested in linking their courses to the archive please contact Denise HattwigJulie Shayne, or Dave Ellenwood