Shauniece Drayton brings wellness to UW Bothell

Shauniece Drayton in yoga pose
Photo of Shauniece Drayton courtesy of  Robert Huntzberger

Shauniece Drayton’s wellness journey began at UW Bothell when she served as a peer health educator creating programs focused on the five areas of wellness: physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and social. This position sparked a passion and holistic approach in everything she does. From mentoring students to creating health products to teaching yoga, Drayton brings her values of health and wellness to the Bothell community.

Drayton had always wanted to be a business owner and planned to major in business. In her early studies at UW Bothell, she found herself gravitating toward courses in the social sciences and was fascinated by the topics of health, prevention, and resilience. Discussing this tension with an advisor, she realized she could pursue these subjects and still run a business. This revelation led her to Community Psychology, where she established strong foundations in social policies, helping practices, and community change.

As a student, Drayton took advantage of multiple opportunities. In addition to serving as a HERO (Health Educator Reaching Out), she was an office assistant for First Year Pre-Major Programs, resident advisor in Husky Hall,  and intern with Planned Parenthood and Powerful Voices.  When Drayton graduated in 2014, she accepted an AmeriCorps positon with MATCH, UW Bothell’s college access program. In 2016, she became the Civic Engagement Coordinator and Achieving Community Transformation (ACT) Advisor in the UW Bothell Office of Community-Based Learning and Research. 

Along the way, Drayton also discovered a passion for yoga and Ayurvedic medicine.  She is a certified yoga instructor, primarily trained in vinyasa flow and teaches periodic classes at UW Bothell. She also operates Happy Go Indigo, creating yoga-inspired jewelry and personal care products which she sells online and at farmers’ markets. 

“UW Bothell has given me - and is continuing to give me - so much. The wisdom I have gained and personal growth has been absolutely transformational. The connections I have made with colleagues, community partners, and the students I am serving is invaluable. My ultimate dream is to have a conscious business focused on wellness where I can provide jobs, teach yoga and Ayurvedic philosophy, and raise the vibration of this planet. For now, I am infusing the essence of who I am and what I have learned into everything that I do at UW Bothell.”