Julie Shayne co-publishes paper in the Feminist Teacher


IAS faculty member and Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies coordinator Julie Shayne co-authored with Denise Hattwig, Dave Ellenwood, and Taylor Hiner a paper titled “Creating Counter Archives: The University of Washington Bothell's Feminist Community Archive of Washington Project” that was published in the newest issue of the Feminist Teacher. Hattwig is Head of Digital Scholarship and Collections Curator at the UWB/CCC library, Ellenwood is UW Bothell’s former Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies librarian and presently works at Seattle Central College, and Hiner is IAS alum. Their paper is about The Feminist Community Archive of Washington (FCA-WA) and the assignment Shayne’s students do to fill it. Shayne, Hattwig, and Ellenwood are three of the co-creators of the archive and Hiner was a student in Shayne’s class who did research about the Gender Justice League, one of the 22 organizations now documented in the archive as a result of the student’s community based research. The class is called “Histories and Movements of Gender and Sexuality” (BISGWS 302) and Shayne teaches it every winter. The paper is available online through UW’s library or you can contact Shayne directly for a copy of the paper or information about the class: jshayne@uw.edu.