Dan Berger publishes two op-eds on the history of law and order politics in 2016


IAS faculty member Dan Berger published an article in the African American Intellectual History blog about the use of law and order politics by both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in their respective party conventions. The article, “Lessons in Law and Order Politics,” describes the 1960s origins of law and order, as both Democrats and Republicans instituted policies that would enhance police authority and expand prison capacity. “Regardless of who wins in November, and despite the significant differences between Clinton and Trump,” Berger writes, “the 2016 election has breathed new life into the country’s already entrenched commitment to law and order politics. It will take more than ridicule to prevent such politics from spreading even further.” This article follows up on one he published last month in Truthout, “A Brief History of the ‘War on Cops’.”

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