Science Teaching Experience Program (STEP) graduate reflects on lessons learned


IAS faculty member Becca Price runs the Science Teaching Experience Program (STEP) in which Ph.D. scientists and students pursuing Ph.Ds learn how to teach with methods that are proven to be effective and equitable. The Association for Women in Science just ran a feature about the program, written by STEP graduate Katie Mitzelfelt. Dr. Mitzelfelt concludes the article by observing:

Not only was my STEP-WISE experience crucial for obtaining my current position as a lecturer at the University of Washington, Tacoma, but it provided me with knowledge and skills that I use daily. I am able to share concepts and skills I learned in STEP-WISE with colleagues, thereby spreading this knowledge. Similar to dropping a stone into a pond, the knowledge ripples and spreads throughout my academic community, enhancing undergraduate science education, an impact that will continue to ripple outward as these undergraduates enter science fields.

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