Community Mural Project at Interfaith Solidarity Event


On Friday, March 22nd, the Bothell community came together to honor the lives lost in the New Zealand live-stream shooting. The ICOB Mosque hosted an Interfaith Solidarity Event at the Bothell United Methodist Church which brought numerous speakers, including: law enforcement agencies, religious leaders, and community members to reflect on the tragedy and offer their condolences. People were given the opportunity to partake in a community mural to remember the victims.

The mural project was presented to the ICOB mosque by IAS student, community member, and youth leader, Fayrouz Elkordy; who has a passion for the arts and social justice. She collaborated with artist Janine Gibbons to create the initial design of the mural—which later took 3 hours and 35 people to complete. People of all ages, races and faiths shared in the creation of the mural. Not only did this project result in a beautiful, cohesive piece, but also provided people with a safe space to talk about any, and all emotion regarding the tragedy.