Amaranth Borsuk is poet-in-residence at the Seattle Review of Books for National Poetry Month


The Seattle Review of Books has asked IAS faculty member Amaranth Borsuk to be their poet in residence for April. The editors will publish a poem by Borsuk each week and interview her about her work and reading. Borsuk's first piece, a new poem titled "Strap on a Witness When You Go Out with the Tongue in Your Mouth Worn Thin from Walking," was published on 4/2. "It Goes without Saying," a collaboration with artist Julie Wills, has just been published. Borsuk's current reading list was published on April 6th, and includes collaborations, exhibition catalogues, and criticism by Cecilia Vicuña, the Spring IAS Distinguished Speaker who will be joining us for a performance lecture on April 16th, Barbara Browning and Sébastien Régnier, Sarah Dowling, and Meg Onli. Stay tuned for additional poems and an interview later this month.