Amaranth Borsuk publishes audio poem


IAS faculty member Amaranth Borsuk has a new piece in Daily Gramma. Borsuk's audio poem, "elegy facing crochet holes and knit slubs with running stitch," is at once personal and outward-looking, an attempt to think through modes of mourning and resistance as they pass through hands engaged in the craft of caring. The title's impossible act references an attempt to suture that is at also an attempt at escape: running from what can't be faced, while facing it with a support that makes each wound visible. The piece furthers Borsuk's exploration of sound's affective possibilities and attempts to enact a crochet-like process of pulling phrases through one another to assemble a textile. A text-based version of the sound work is also available via link.

Daily Gramma is the digital imprint of small press publisher Gramma, whose mission is "to broaden its audience and to be poetry ambassadors by collaborating with people and organizations in other art mediums."