Namita Paul Exhibits Unyielding at UW Bothell


First year Master of Arts in Cultural Studies student Namita Paul’s visual art project Unyielding is currently on exhibit at UW Bothell.  Unyielding was a set of visual responses to several readings, principally Nella Larson’s “Quicksand” and Fae Myenne Ng’s “Bone,” made over the course of a quarter at the University of Washington Seattle. This piece carries within it stories of migration, displacement, anticipation, struggle, resistance, endurance, and defiance, and serves as an ode to Harriet Powers, a slave born African American woman who made two story quilts. “Unyielding layers, collages, narrates, and sews together diverse human practices with intersections of my own life experiences as a former fashion professional, an artist, a wife, a mother, and a woman of color, and presents them as one cohesive, interconnected whole,” says Namita.

Unyeilding Front Cover
Unyeilding (front)
Unyeilding is on display outside the Student Success Center in UW1 through Spring Quarter

Namita has a bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Visual Arts from the University of Washington. She hopes to craft new artistic pathways through the confluence of scholarship, art, fashion, feminism and cultural production. Some of Namita’s other interests are psychology, neuroscience, philosophy, yoga, gardening, and hanging out with her dogs.

Unyielding Back
Unyielding (back)

Unyielding detail
Unyielding (detail)